Home Versus Gym Workouts

Gym memberships are great. You have a place to go to that has a wide variety of exercise equipment. If you like swimming, many gyms have pools. For those who love to play basketball, they have basketballs and rooms to play this sport. They have racquetball, possibly tennis, and more. You would need to look into the gym you are considering signing up with. You would have enough activities at a gym to keep from getting bored.

Fitting Gym Membership Schedules Into Your Schedule

Some gyms are open 24 hours a day, and some are open certain hours. You want to find a gym that fits the hours that you need to be able to work out. There are gyms located everywhere. And there may be one that that you find yourself liking more. You don’t want to have to drive 30 minutes away to get to where you exercise. You want a place that is pretty close by to you. That way it easily fits into your schedule.

Home Fitness

This is what makes home a convenient place to workout. You can workout at any time that works for you. And you are in the privacy of your own home so that may make you feel less like you have an audience watching you work out.

When you work out at home, it is easy to get distracted or unmotivated completely. You may have other family members who you would rather not exercise in front of right away. So you would have to work around that if you workout at home.

Cost of Gym vs Home

This one seems obvious. Gym membership definitely costs money. But you will need to get exercise videos, and that could cost money depending on how you do it. You can check out fitness videos at the library. Or rent fitness dvds through a program so you get them at a discount. If you decide to go running, the running itself is free. But if you get really into running you may want to buy running shoes and clothing to make it more comfortable for you. Once you buy them, the cost stops. You are not buying fitness clothing all of the time.

If you decide to run make sure you either have running gear for wet days to stay warm and dry, or you have alternatives for still getting in a good workout.

When Purchasing Home Exercise Equipment

Some people buy treadmills or other exercise equipment to put in their homes. This can be a wise investment. But that depends on whether you use is consistently or not. That makes all of the difference. Treadmills also vary in cost. It could be a one time investment, or take a few months to pay off. Your best bet is to start off with one that is just a couple hundred dollars to see what you do with it.

Control Over Germs

Gyms do have professionals who are paid to come in and clean and disinfect all of the areas of the gym. But some germs are still impossible to get around, which is where washing your hands among other things come in. You can use the gym towels, or bring your own. Plus, they may or may not have towel fees.

Touching gym equipment that has been touched by hundreds of other gym members does involve some germ-sharing. The locker rooms, bathrooms, and every other area that involves sharing some form of germs from hand-to-equipment contact and bare feet contact. You will have to keep personal hygiene in mind.

If you work out at home, this is not an issue.

Fitness Tailored to You

Ultimately, you have to figure out what works for you. Even if you are more outgoing, working out at home may still be better for you. It depends which place will help motivate you and get you working up a sweat. Your current fitness level makes a difference, and what you can afford. If you have limited funds you should start working out at home and put the gym off for a while.

So do you prefer working out at home or at the gym? Do you have particular reasons why you choose to exercise where you do?

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