Top Fashion Comebacks for 2012

One of the biggest trends coming back for 2012 are braids, braids, and more braids. Some of the braids have a Boho feel to them. They wrap around the head and go to the side of the head. Some of the braids just include the bangs braided and pinned to the side. Other popular braids take the whole side and front section and adjoin to the rest of the hair. These came in about a year ago and keep going strong with some of the movies that are coming out. They are not going anywhere anytime soon.

lady fashion photo

Clothing wise, neon colors seem to be making a comeback to the 2012 style scene . Brightly colored dresses in yellow, green, orange, and bright purple are towering in popularity over the more neutral colors.

Swingy skirts with a 1920’s flair to them have been seen for a while a will continue to be popular. These are also seen in the style of dresses that fly off the racks. They are rather cute and meant for showing off great legs. So if you have legs, enjoy wearing the dress.

Writing on shirts is still popular, but with a metallic touch to them. Even more popular seems to be the message and or cute expression you have on them. That has not gone away.

Dark-framed glasses still seem to be in and have been stylish for few years among celebrities and regular people. Some of the 70’s hair is still staying hot for 2012. You see the big hair many places you go. Longer hair like they wore back in the 70’s is still going strong.

Women are wearing the thin, shapely brows popular when Lucille Ball was on tv. They are worn a little differently, but have the same basic style. They have to be tweezed, waxed or partially shaved to get that thin.

Something fun about fashion is taking pieces from an earlier era and making it current for 2012. That is a form of recycling and creating a trend, which is actually done a lot even in Hollywood.

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