How To – Braided Headband with Your Own Hair

Braided headbands seem to be so popular they are sold as separate hair pieces in stores. If you hair is long enough, you don’t really need a hair piece. You can create it in your hair.

You want to start the style with combed or brushed hair. Take a section about the size you might want your braid to be. There is no rule here. It is up to you on what size the braid is. If you’re looking for detailed styles and tutorials 5 trendy braided styles in 2013.

Braided Headband Example

Separate the sections in three holding them in your hands and take one section over the middle, and under the opposite side. Then take the other side section over the middle and under the opposite side. The pattern is over the middle, under the side, and alternate sides. And you get a braid pattern.

Braid like this all the way to the end. Once you are at the end tie an elastic at the end. Take the braid all the way over your head and behind your ear. You pin the braid in place at the lower part behind your ear and your hair hides the pins. Your hair looks like it has a faux braided hair band on and it is actually your own hair.

Do you wear a faux braid or create a braided headband in your hair?

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