How To Create a Front Side Twist

As the names implies, this is similar to a front side braid and yet totally different. Both braids go in the same direction depending on how you style your bangs, but the braid is done and looks drastically different.

Start side twist with damp bangs

To do this it’s better to start with damp bangs. You’re side twist will come out much more defined if you do it on damp hair.

Start at the center part where your bangs are. Take two sections and twist them around. Take a side piece and add it into the twist. Twist again, but only pick up a side piece from the ones side. And you’ll keep twisting, then adding a side piece only from one side, then twisting again. It looks cool at the end.

Making it a side twist

Then you just twist a little more and secure an elastic over it. You are going to pull up a little bit of hair on the side where you’ll pin your side twist in place. Pin your hair securely and then let your hair fall over it naturally. Lightly tousle and smooth it out a bit.

This look is great for keeping your bangs out of your face, looks beautiful, and just looks neat to have in your hair. No hair boredom with this look.

The best tutorial if you’re a visual style

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