Getting the Perfect Smokey-Eyed Glittery Look for a Night Out

Do a Sultry Smokey Eye Look with a Touch of Glam

Eye makeup tutorial

This look is definitely for evening. You can pull off a subtle smokey-eyed look during the day. But this look is not only a strong smokey-eyed look, it adds some intensity with glitter. Definitely too much for daytime.. You’ll need two or three eye shadow colors (dark gray to very light gray.) You also need glitter and a short makeup brush.

Applying the Eye Shadow

Apply the dark shade of gray to the middle of your eye, going a little above your eyelid extending to the outer edge of your eyelid. Apply the lighter shade of eye shadow to the part of your eyelid closest to the bridge of your nose. Apply a little of the in-between shade to the middle, between the two colors of eyeshadow. Blend the three of them a bit. Using your makeup brush, apply the medium shade of eye shadow to the lower part of your eye near the lashline to create an eye liner look. Once you have this blended you get the look of a smokey-eyed look.

Adding Some Glitter to this Evening look

Start to apply a little glitter to your eyelids. The glitter adds a lot of magic. You can wear fake eyelashes with this look to create an even more dramatic look if you want, or use a really good mascara. NYC (Sky Rise) lengthening mascara is an inexpensive, but very good one. Even those with barely-there lashes will get lots of volume with this mascara – which goes beautifully with this look. You can also curl your lashes just before applying the mascara, if you want want. You don’t need to.

Getting the Look with 2-in-1 Makeup

You can cut some of your makeup application down with some of the makeup companies have out now. I’m sure you’ve seen eyeshadows that are made with glitter already blended in, just like some of the nail polishes that have glitter mixed in.

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