Top 7 Steam Showers for a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

If you are planning to give your bathroom a lift and you want to give your spirits a lift as well, you may consider the health benefits of a steam shower. Steam has been used for many years to help relax and de-stress and can promote a better night’s sleep and help to detoxify your body. The steam showers on the market today give you functionality as well as beauty and if you really want your bathroom to be a place of relaxation and tranquility, you simply have to take a look at these top steam showers and their special features.


If you have ever dreamed of taking a wonderfully hot shower while watching television, listening to your favorite music and talking on the phone, the 2013 Strada steam shower model will let you do all of that and more. This is much more than just a shower. It is a computerized shower room that allows you to shower or bathe and has 16 whirlpool massage jets along with 10 acupuncture massage jets. With its LCD TV, iPod input, foot massager and mood lighting, you may never want to leave your bathroom again. Strada pricing and additional info.

Strada steam shower


The 2013 Tercera is a bit more than just a steam shower as well. This model also offers a touchscreen television, hands-free phone, iPod or Mp3 input, whirlpool and acupuncture massage jets and you have room for two. The heated shower jets are perfect when you need a little relaxation and with seating, you can use the shower or sit and enjoy a great sauna. You also get a food massager and built in mood lighting as well as aromatherapy so you can really relax.Tercera pricing and additional info.

Tercera designer steam shower

Ariel Platinum DZ972F8

If you are looking to make your neighbors jealous, the Ariel Platinum will certainly do that. It has a dual rainfall ceiling shower, massage jets that will take away all of those back pains, surround sound speakers and enough power to give you a professional spa grade steam quickly. If you want a shower in your bathroom that will give you the utmost in relaxation, this is certainly one to consider.Ariel Platinum DZ972F pricing and additional info.

Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 steam shower


The 2013 Terraza is another computerized steam shower that offers so many luxurious features you simply can’t count them all. With a touchscreen LCD TV, music input, built in heater pump, massage and acupuncture jets and more than enough space for two, this shower is fit for a king. This would be a great addition to any master bath and when you get tired of standing in the shower, you can simply sit in a relaxing whirlpool tub. The entire thing is surrounded by blue mood lighting and it has a ceiling rain shower for extra relaxation. You are certain to feel like a queen when you stand in this one.Terraza pricing and additional info.

Terraza steam shower


The Traccio gives you the royal treatment as well. With luxurious features, ample space for two and a beautiful look, you can see why this one makes the list of top steam showers. The Traccio gives you a touchscreen television, hands-free phone, music hookups, massage jets and even comes with a 10 year warranty. The ceiling rain shower is an added bonus and it offers mood lighting and even a built in radio so you can relax while listening to your favorite stations.Traccio pricing and additional info.

Traccio steam shower


The Sovanna is a computerized bathtub, steam shower and steam room and gives you a number of luxurious features. It has a bathtub heater, 30 massage jets with 10 acupuncture jets, underwater LED lighting, a waterproof LCD television, rainfall ceiling shower and so many other features that you simply will not believe them all. This is truly a luxurious steam shower and whether you enjoy the shower, bath or steam you are certain to enjoy them all in this beauty. Imagine coming home from work and relaxing in your rainfall steam shower with the television, telephone and everything else you need.Sovanna pricing and additional info.

Sovanna steam shower


Last but certainly not least on the list is the Venado. Women need to relax and this is certainly a good place to do that. The Venado gives you all of the features of the above listed steam showers plus a few more. With a fog-free mirror, water resistant remote control, underwater LED lighting, touchscreen television, two shampoo racks, 30 whirlpool and 10 acupuncture massage jets and two handheld showerheads that you can adjust as needed, you will never be stressed out again. You can literally watch the stress roll off you and right down the drain in the Venado steam shower.Venado pricing and additional info.

venado steam shower

Sometimes redoing the bathroom is more about function than it is beauty. With these steam showers however, you get both. If you are someone who loves to relax and you can think of no better way than having your own steam therapy, any of these showers would be a great addition to your bathroom. You may have to consider buying two though. Once others see how much you enjoy your shower they may want some time of their own in there. ©Photos by Lifetime Bath INC

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