Tips and Tricks for a Brighter Day

Quite a few of us have days where we wake up some mornings and feel bummed out first thing when we wake up. It is not too hard to imagine why. Just turn on the news for 10 minutes and anyone would know why with all the news stories you hear about weather catastrophes and shootings and other bad news just to name some of the bad news on tv. But just how do you help yourself to feel better and more rejuvenated after hearing the news and waking up in this funk on top of the regular stress in life?

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Take a Break from the Media

Well, for one thing, while news is good to keep up on, you need to take a break from it too. Realize that while there is a lot bad news reported on tv, they do tend to have an angle on how they report it. Try to remember the few good stories that they share too. That is sometimes far and few between, but they do share stories about how a young child helps to save a parents life. Those are very heart-warming stories. To bad they don’t report more of them.

Look at Positive Things Going On around You

Think about some of the positive things going on in the world. Do you have a job or a career? If that is a yes, that is something to be happy about. Have you recently lost some weight and just found out you can fit into your size 8 jeans that you thought you would have to get rid of and forget ever fitting again? Feel good about that. That is progress on your part. If you remembered to take a jog a couple of times over the week and eat healthier, those are all things that will have a positive effect on you emotionally and physically.

Make a to-do list, but reward Yourself early

Make yourself a list of things you need to do. It helps to get things done. But sometimes that list can look overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and cross off even a smaller thing you did or add something you accomplished even if you forgot to write it down. You will feel better knowing that you got something on your list taken care of. We all tend to forget to add certain things to a list. So marking off something you add even if you already did it can help you feel like you are getting somewhere.

Staying Hydrated

This doesn’t seem like something that will help you feel better, but it really makes a difference. Drinking lots of water cleans your body out and helps you to digest the food you have eaten. Your body will thank you by feeling more rejuvenated. Drinking water also makes you feel less bloated and you will feel good about yourself for having had water since water is not easy for everyone to drink.

Enjoying the Little Things

If you are a parent, give your child an extra hug. That hug will not only make your child feel loved, it could just be a bit of cheery medicine for you. Look at your child’s smile, enjoy a laugh with them. These are little things that can really cheer you up and go a long way. Go for a walk and take your kids to the park or just go for a walk yourself. It is amazing what a little fresh air will do you for you.

Do Something for You

If there is a little something special that you enjoy that perks you up in a healthy way, do it. If that is going to Starbucks and getting a coffee, blogging, journaling, having a little chocolate, working out – do it. All of those things are great ways to brighten up your mood.

Have a Good Support System

When you are feeling down, sometimes all it takes is a phone call to a friend or someone else you feel especially close to. If you are part of a church share with your prayer group how you are feeling. It is great to have a support system so you do not feel alone even about life in general.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it is true. When our bodies do not get enough sleep we feel drained. We do not want to move. If you get the rest you need you will at least have a full night of rest to help you get started on the next day.

Do Something that Cheers You Up

Listen to your favorite music, watch a show you have been missing or just enjoy a lot. If you paint, start a painting. Grab your camera and take photos. Give yourself a mani and or pedicure. Watch a funny movie or go and get your hair done if that is something that makes you feel great. It is about you and what helps to boost your spirit.

Spa Day

Some people get a fresh take on life after they go to the spa. If finances allow, head over to the spa for a little tlc. Spas are called spas for a reason. They pamper you and give you a fresh start to tackle the world again.

Time for a Vacation?

When is the last time you took a little vacation? Maybe you need to get together with your spouse and go to the beach for a weekend. Getting away could not only make you feel better, it can also strengthen your marriage. Even little vacations are sometimes the best thing for you and your marriage.

Get lost in a Book

Even if you are not much of a book reader, picking up a book that just happens to be in a subject you like helps you to temporarily forget being sad. You get so lost in the story that you are too distracted to heavily think about what had you sad.

Create Your Own feel-better list

At a moment when you are feeling more optimistic, make a list of things you know will cheer you up when you get into those sad moods. Be realistic with the list. Make sure you know it will help. Make sure it is something you can afford to do.

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