Unique Hairstyle – Styling a Half-Up into a Cute Bow

Here is another cute half up hairstyle to add to the hair made bow collection. These are really cute and it’s fun how we can make our hair transform into a bow whether it’s half up, in a bun, or any other style. You can’t get bored with the bow you make with your own hair since there are many ways to wear it.

Bow half-up hairstyle tutorial

It’s just about learning how to style it. This half up bow style can be done on shoulder length hair, since you are not pulling your hair all the way up. You’re aren’t even putting an entire half up into a bow, you just take chunky sections. You’ll need hair pins, an elastic and hairspray for this style.

Starting the Bow

You’re going to take two chunky side sections of hair and gather them together in the back of your head. These sections start behind your bangs and don’t include any hair other than the chunky sections from the sides. Start to secure it with an elastic. Instead of going all the way around a final time, only pull the last section through part of the way creating a bit of a loop with your hair.

Finishing the Bow

Now, the “magic” of the bow. Separate the loop in two and push it down so there are two loops. Take a small section from the ends of the loop below the elastic and wrap it over the elastic. Your section of hair would come from under the almost completed hair bow. Tuck the section over the top of the bow. Take hair pins and pin at the top and bottom of the middle part of the bow to securely hold it in place. Finish with a bit of hair spray. This is another style you can leave as it is pictured, or add some soft curling iron waves for an even more beautiful look.

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