15 Romantic Ideas That Your Man Will Love

You nabbed Mr.Right and you have been seeing each other for at least a month or longer. You really feel like he treats you well and you want to show him you appreciate how great he is by showing some romantic gestures to him. There are endless ways to show him how romantic being in a relationship with you will be. If you are short on ideas, here are just a few….

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1. Romance Isn’t Just About Candles and a Fire

Yes, candles are nice, but they are only one version of romantic. Everyone has their own idea of what romantic is, so it’s good to know your man at least well enough to have an idea of what romance is to him. You’ll learn that as you are dating him and just hanging out with him.

2. Walks On the Beach

Do you know if he enjoys the beach? Take him for a long stroll on the beach. Jump the waves if you want or just hold hands and enjoy each others company. Would he enjoy a picnic? You can’t really set up a picnic ahead of time (only in the movies does that work well) but you can brings a picnic basket with you packed with some of his favorites – IF you know what his favorite picnic foods are. See, no need for candles here. Yet, still very romantic. Take your camera with you and capture this moment.

3. Fair In Town

Is their a fair in your town? If your man enjoys going to the fair, head on over to this fair. Pay his way of course since it is your idea. If he is more old-fashioned and prefers to pay your way, let him. Fairs are such a fun way to let loose and have fun. You get to play games and go on rides – if you choose to. And enjoy a little funnel cake or cotton candy or your favorite fair food. Depending on the fair you go to, there may be a firework display towards the end or beginning of the festivities. A lot of fairs also have live music and dancing in a very casual spontaneous manner, which would be really romantic for you and your man.

4. Surprise Him with His Favorite Snack

Get your man’s favorite snack and leave it in a spot where you know he will find it. To make it extra special, leave a note to him telling him that you picked the snack up because it made you think of him and that he is special to you.

5. Flowers

Get a rose or other flower for your man. True, flowers seem like what the man gets the women. But it can go either way and it is the thought that counts. Get him a cute Mylar balloon that has his favorite character or a dog on it – something you know he would like.

6. Get Along with a Difficult Family Member

This doesn’t sounds romantic, but when your relationship is getting more secure your man is going to want you to meet his family and vice-versa. He may have someone in his family who you don’t get along with – this definitely happens. But if you go out of your way to be pleasant, and try to get along anyway, you are showing him that he means enough to you to push a side your differences. That is a very romantic gesture.

7. Massages

When your man has had a long day at work and is exhausted, give him a nice back or foot rub. This doesn’t have to lead to anything sexual either. You are just giving him a loving massage to be tender.

8. Dress to Impress

Where the skirt or dress that had him drooling the day he met you. You keep your relationship very fresh and romantic, and show that you both remember your first date together.

9. Dance Together

Would your man be interested in learning to dance? This could be ballroom (remember Dancing with the Stars?) Ballroom dancing has made a big comeback – and talk about romantic! Or take a Zumba class together. As long as you BOTH would enjoy the class together.

10. Where That Special Perfume

Wear the perfume you wore the first time you went on a date, especially if he really liked the scent. Spray a little bit of the scent on his pillow or in his car.

11. Enjoy a Hobby Together

Have you discovered that he enjoys rollerblading or skateboarding, take him to the skate park. Or build a little ramp and enjoy skateboarding in your backyard if you have room. Take an art class together or a cooking class together if you both have wanted to learn how to cook.

12. Include Him in a Pleasant Memory

Take him to a museum that you really enjoy or go to the zoo you went to as a child. Relive one of your childhood memories as an adult with your man. Get a photo to capture your new memory of this.

13. Make a Scrapbook

If you have been capturing photos and moments of your time together, you could make a little scrapbook about your relationship. The mood of the scrapbook depends on how long you have been together. You can include any poems he has written for and about you, a brochure to a musical or opera you went to together or any other events you enjoyed together.

14. Go On a Hike Together

If you both enjoy hiking a lot, go on a hike together. On a beautiful day grab your backpacks and set out for a long hike. Go to a scenic area near where you live or go for a drive to a scenic area and enjoy the scenery, the weather and each other.

15. Appreciate Each Other

This is important in any relationship. Don’t take advantage of having a man in your life that treats you well, is there for you, respects you and treats you like the queen that you are. Show him and tell him how much you appreciate him being so good to you. Do extra special things you know he would feel touched by – such as trying a new kind of food you never wanted to eat that he loves.

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  • You have some great ideas. I am glad you recognize romance is different for everyone because I believe you have to design your romance to fit your partner.

    Every woman does not like flowers and some women might think you are being stereotypical. Although, they may not tell you.

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