How to Avoid Negative Thinking and Keep Yourself Motivated

We all have our days where it is hard to feel positive about day-to-day things. Maybe you don’t like your job, you can’t stand your boss, or you have other things that are just getting you down. You can motivate yourself to see life in a more optimistic way when those moods strike. Sometimes it just takes reminders that you are not always going to feel down. There are tons of things you can do to stay motivated.

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When You Hate Your Job

You have to work to pay the bills, but sometimes hating your job makes it dreadful to go to work. Remind yourself that you won’t do this job forever. This is just a temporary job until you have the career you have always wanted. The work you do is paying the bills and making you take care of your responsibilities.

Further Yourself

As far as being “stuck” where you are at your job, try to get your college career going. What do you want to contribute? How can you make that happen? Know that even if you don’t have a lot of money to go to college to get your degree, you can apply for a grant. So don’t let the lack of money stop you from chasing the career you want. Remind yourself that you will have that career and earn more money sooner than later.


Try to get into the habit of getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This is not always easy for a lot of people – both time-wise and motivation wise. Many people work long hours and don’t feel like exercising and others just lack the desire. But in 30 minutes, you can make a big difference on your body. You’ll gain more energy and drop a pant size which should motivate you some. How good would it feel to drop a size? Your mood should be more optimistic from fitting in a little exercise too.

Reward Yourself after Meeting Goals

This doesn’t have to mean meeting huge goals either. Make a list of small and larger goals. Little by little start to tackle those goals. As you accomplish them, mark them off. Being able to mark of these goals will feel great. It is nice and very rewarding to check goals as complete from a list. Make the goals realistic for yourself. Don’t set goals so high that it would be nearly impossible to reach them.

Only Compare Yourself to You

It is very easy and even difficult NOT to compare yourself to others. But it becomes impossible to measure up to someone who is not built and wired mentally the same way as you. Everyone is different and needs to set the right goals for themselves. We all have our own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You may have an ability that someone you are comparing yourself to does not have.

Look at Your Accomplishments

Have you recently learned to deal with your depression and managed to keep moving despite it? That is an accomplishment. Have you moved up in your career because you were working so hard and got your promotion because of it? An accomplishment. Did you get your car into the shop even though it was well overdue and you procrastinated? That is still an accomplishment even if you did take too long to get it done.

Be Nice to Yourself

Write down what you like about yourself. What you like about your appearance, your personality, your abilities, your intelligence. Be thankful God made you that way. Put these up on a wall or somewhere you can refer to them when you are feeling down about yourself and not feeling motivated. Try to dwell more on what you like about yourself and what you have accomplished instead of focusing on what you haven’t done.

Surround Yourself

If you have a lot of negative people around you, it won’t help you feel more optimistic. You want to have a group of family and good friends who are there for you and could even help you with your slump. Confide in one of them if you need to. That is part of what family and real friends are for.

Nice Warm Shower

Take a nice, hot shower and just relax all of the negative feelings away. Sometimes this is all it takes. Even your 15-minute hot shower is like a nice massage. The warm water helps your body to relax and feel rejuvenated from the negativity you are feeling. If you have time, even a scented bubble bath is a great way to make yourself cheer up and feel better. Use your favorite scented bubble bath to help boost your energy level.

Positive Music

If you can, listen to some music that lifts you up and makes you feel better. It is amazing how music makes a difference in our moods and how we feel about everything around us. Music cheers us up, makes us want to get up and dance, and can make us cry. It’s powerful.

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