Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So shouldn’t we eat something that is a wholesome and healthy as possible? Breakfast doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just healthy. Since most of us are very busy and have rushed mornings, it is good to have both easy, fast breakfasts and something that doesn’t have to be as rushed for the weekends.

Mom and kid having breakfast

Plain Yogurt with Strawberries and Granola

On rushed mornings try some fresh fruit (strawberries and blueberries or bananas) with granola that have very few if any added ingredients in it. Add a little plain yogurt and you have a very quick and nutritious breakfast. Put this in a little to-go container, grab a spoon and make it portable. Have some water with it. You could have your coffee, but that knocks the nutrition factor out of it.

Make a Fruit Smoothie

Got a blender? Add plain yogurt, berries, or the fruit of your choice, and even some vitamins if you want to add more nutrition. Blend them together to make a smoothie. These taste absolutely delicious. You need a special cup designed for a smoothie if you are literally going to take it on the run. Smoothies run on the thick side so they would make a water bottle somewhat of a pain to wash out. They are super tasty and quite healthy though.

On days with More Time

On a Saturday morning (you probably won’t have time for this during the weekday) put together farm fresh, cage-free eggs, vegetables (onion if you like it, red peppers) and cheddar cheese. You can even add chopped broccoli to this if you like that. It makes a great breakfast omelette that has protein, and lots of other nutrients in it.

Another Weekend Breakfast Idea

Again, a weekend breakfast idea here. Unless you make this ahead of time – then it would possibly work during the weekday. Make whole grain pancakes with our without fruit in them. This tastes great if you are a pancake person and you are eating nutritiously.

Homemade Chocolate for the Road

Instead of hitting Starbucks, make your own hot chocolate. Add a little bit of hot water, pure chocolate (cacao), whole milk (I know, it seems like this is more fattening. But it is less processed if it is whole milk.) add a little brown sugar. Heat this on the stove or in the microwave. You can add a little bit of whip cream, but even with whole ingredients it makes your hot chocolate a little less healthy. You can put this into a thermos on the run.

Good Old-Fashioned Oatmeal

Whole grain oatmeal is great mixed with fruit and as a cereal with brown sugar, milk and water. This is a very satisfying breakfast. It is quick and you can add berries to it if you want. Oatmeal is perfect for putting into a thermos and taking it on the run. Much better for you than running to McDonald’s and getting their version of breakfast.

Oatmeal and Fruit

Oatmeal can be mixed with a few foods. Instead of cooking the oatmeal mix it with your favorite fruit and a little bit of plain yogurt. Just make sure the yogurt has as few ingredients in it as possible.

Do you try to eat clean foods for breakfast? What foods do you eat when you are on the run?

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