Quick tips to speed up your morning makeup

When You Are in a Rush

You accidentally slept through your alarm and now you don’t have time to apply all of your make up. So maybe you can’t apply your makeup exactly the way you usually do, but with some basic tips you can take a fraction of the time and still look great.

Morning Makeup Collection

Sun Protection and Color all in One

If you have tinted moisturizer with SPF, this is a great morning to use it. Apply your tinted moisturizer all over your face with SPF and you get color, and sun protection all in one.

If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer, hopefully you have a concealing stick that you can dab on trouble areas (but put the SPF on first).

Making Sure Your Eyes Still Stand Out

Grab your mascara and brush on a quick coat of mascara. You probably don’t have time to curl your lashes first, but at least this gives your eyes a little definition.


You don’t have time to tweeze your brows (or maybe that is not a part of your usual routine) but with a little gel or coconut oil you can shape them. Dab the gel on your eyebrows where you want them to go.

Shaping Your Eyes

If you have time take eyeliner, sharpen it and just apply it to your upper lash line all the way to the end of your lash line. This is just a little more definition in two minutes depending on how much time you have.

The Finish

Lip gloss is faster on a rushed morning since you just slick it on. With lipstick you have to be more precise on how you put it on. But with such basic make up you can get away with dark or glossy lips.

How do you do your make up when you are in a rush?

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