When your Mother Doesn’t Approve

There comes a point in a relationship with a man where you know it is time to bring him home to meet your parents. If you have loving parents who just want you to be happy, it is not that big of an issue for the most part. On the other hand, some people have parents with standards that are nearly impossible to meet. That makes you not want to take him home to meet them at all. Never mind how stressful that is for him. You can get passed this and so can he. You’ll have to introduce him sooner or later if you really care a lot about him and are considering things being more serious. Pick the right setting and tell him what to be prepared for. That way at least he has warning on what he has gotten himself into with your family.

Mother Daughter

The Best setting To Introduce Him

Take your man to a casual dinner with your mom and help your mom and boyfriend get to know each other a bit. Talk about some of his good qualities and something he is interested in that maybe she is also interested in. See if they have some common ground somewhere. Talk about a movie you saw recently and what you all through of it. The questions about what your boyfriend does for a living, where he went to school and such will automatically come up.

He Treats You Well, but Mom Doesn’t Approve

If it turns out that your mom does not like your boyfriend, you may need to have a heart-to-heart with her. Ask her what she has problems with. Especially if she really seems to get along with him well. When you have mentioned that your boyfriend is incredibly nice to you, treats you well, is there for you and so on, you’d really have to wonder what your mom has a problem with. There could be a few reasons she is not okay with your boyfriend. Maybe she doesn’t feel like you are ready for a serious relationship, or even possibly marriage.

Talk to Your Mom

Maybe she is having trouble at the thought of losing her little girl. That is possible. Or maybe she feels like she doesn’t trust him for some reason, but she doesn’t know why. In any case you should communicate with her about it and find out from her what it is. Maybe she doesn’t feel like he is right for you. Or maybe she feels like you are moving too fast and your relationship will end in a disaster unless you slow things down.

Some of the reasons your mom may not approve may be more complicated. He may have a much different background culturally than you. Maybe he is Indian and his religious views are completely different from what you were taught. That is a big one for some families. He could seem like he doesn’t have any goals and your mom is concerned that he’ll slack off and you’ll wind up taking care of him.

Petty Reasons

If your mom doesn’t approve over things like he doesn’t come from a wealthy family or he isn’t working in the profession she would prefer the man you be with to work in, you need to follow your heart, be respectful to her and keep right on going with your relationship with him. That is your mom being a bit uptight. You want the man who is going to be right by your side working hard along with you being good to you.

How did you handle your mom or parents not liking the man in your life? How did you work around it?

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