Ratted Poof Bangs With Waves

poof hairstyle

Back in the 80’s ratted bangs where very popular, and while in a way they are making a comeback, it is in a much fresher way. The ratted bangs have been updated to give hair a little height – just in the bangs area. They don’t look anything like you could bounce a tennis ball off of them. Instead they accompany cute braids of all kinds, and soft waves your man will love to admire on you; all of your friends and onlookers will be wondering where you get your hair done.

There is already a guide on how to achieve the height for the bangs on this style on Womenio. You do a little backcombing at the roots of your bangs and backcomb all the way up.

Getting the Soft Waves

When you are done backcombing, clip your bangs back and spray a little hairspray. Now, about getting the waves in your hair. There are a few ways to achieve beautiful waves. Here you use a ¾ inch curling iron. Take a section of your hair, clamp the section of hair and start turning your piece of hair so the curling iron wraps itself around the iron. Only leave the hair clamped for about 5 seconds. Any longer than that and your curls are going to be too pronounced for this soft, wavy, curly look.

It is actually better if you start these waves in sections, starting with the bottom side of your hair. Keep the rest of your hair pulled up out of the way. Work your way around the bottom portion of your hair ONLY clamping each section for the same 5 seconds, maybe 6; just enough to get a soft wave. Take another section down, securing the rest, and curl each section again, and still only 5 to 6 seconds.

Final Touches

You will continue doing this section by section until all of your hair is curled. Once you have all of your hair curled, tousle and fluff your curls a little bit. You don’t want to mess with them too much, since you don’t want to ruin them. Once your waves look just the way you want them to, spray your hair with a little bit of hair spray. Gorgeous.

How often do you put curls in your hair?

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