Get sexy beach-like hair the healthy way

Don’t you love the look of the beach-like hair with soft waves that are quite popular right now? This look can be created with curling irons that are at the store, but they can also be styled without heat and look just as great. Beach waves work on slightly shorter hair and longer. They look a little better on longer hair.

Beach-like hairstyle

To get this style started you need a little gel, and a ponytail holder. You can start your braid on slightly damp or dry hair – it doesn’t matter too much. You can either do a French braid in your hair the night before or one braid in the back. If you do one braid in the back, but want your bangs/fringe and area closer to your roots included, you may also want to add a braid on both sides of your head. If you do that you will need 3 ponytail holders.

For 3 separate braids, you will need to section your hair. Start with a section on the right or left side, depending on how you want your hair to lay when your take out the braids. Take the section you are going to start your first braid in and take three smaller sections from that smaller section. Section this part of your hair into three and take the right side over the middle section. Now take the left section and cross it over the middle section. You will keep alternating sections over the middle sections. As you repeat p wrapping each section over the middle and under the opposite section, you will notice a braid pattern. You want to braid all the way to the end so that once this is combined with the braid on your other side and the larger braid in back, everything is braided and will be included in your beach wave style.

Continue this braid all the way to the end and secure it. Now start a braid on the other top, side of your hair. You may not want to include your bangs in the braid. This depends on on the look you specifically want. Again, follow the same steps starting with the three sections braid and alternating sides over the middle. Make sure you braid both of the top braids all the way down to the end. Secure it.

Now start the larger braid. This will start at the nape of your neck (kind of where your hairline meets the top of your neck). Take both of the braids and combine them with the larger braid in back of your head. If you are working with layers that make the hair on your head shorter, don’t worry about it.

If your layers are long enough add them with the three sections you will make in the larger braid. Started braiding again just like you did with the top two braids all the way down to the ends, and use an elastic.

You need to leave your hair in these braids over night. This is not a quick style so be prepared for that ahead of time. Once it comes time to take your braids out gently unbraid. Once you get all of the braids out fluff them a teensy bit. Rub a little gel through your hair. Use your fingers to tousle the front section with your bangs/fringe to the exact look you want. DO NOT brush your hair. That will mess up the waves. Just gently detangle with your fingers. Tousle (very lightly scrunch with your hands, and make your hair slightly messy). This gives you the waves, but with the beach look. Beach hair is not “neatly styled” or neatly combed. But it looks really hot. Now rock this style where ever you are planning to go and turn a few heads.

OPTIONAL: If you feel like adding a little extra to this style, get a hair pin with a floral piece decorated on it and slip in to the side of your hair.

What do you think of this look?

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