Top 2 Ways to Straighten Curly Hair

Try silky, sleek locks for a day or two

There are so many beautiful braided, twisted and other styles that makes you wish you had the hair type that makes them the easiest to achieve those styles on. While we think these styles can only be done on hair that is sleek and straight, that is not necessarily so. These braided styles will look different in naturally curly hair, but they’ll still look good. If you would prefer to straighten you hair there are a few ways to do it.

Getting Sleek, Straight Hair if You Want it

One way is to start with freshly washed hair. Spray a protectant spray on your hair to protect it from heat since this involves using a hair straightener. Many companies tell you one straightener is better than the other and try to tell you that is why theirs costs so much more money. You will have to make your own decision on the straightener you like. Regardless, they are all going to damage your hair to some degree – one reason to avoid using a straightening iron all the time.

But if you’d like to use the straightener here and there, spray some protectant serum in your hair before blow drying or using the iron. If you choose to blow dry, give yourself a good 30 minutes if you are not used to doing it. This also depends on how thick or thin your hair is. Pull all of your hair up except for a somewhat thin section in the back of your lower neck. If you have a paddle brush (it’s a square-shaped bristles brush that helps to straighten hair with a blow dryer) hold your blow dryer in one hand and your paddle brush in the other. Hold your paddle brush in your hair in a position as if you were about to brush it, and start blow drying facing down and away from your head.

Straightening Curly Hair with a Paddle Brush

Brush each section, holding tightly while blow drying all the way down. When you finish the section, lay it down over the front of your shoulders so it is kind of out of the way. Pull out another section of hair and secure the rest of your hair up. Hold the paddle brush again in the same position, tightly brushing as you dry it. Each section will take a few minutes to dry. You need to do this section by section until you get to your bangs. You will have sleek, smooth hair if you take the time to dry all of it like this. Plus, if you want to have a very slight wave at the ends, turn your paddle brush up to the side at the bottom as you are blow drying.

Using an Iron

This may or may not be the more heat- damaging of the two ways to straighten hair. Let your hair dry and spray a light amount of heat protectant (if you spray too much your hair can look oily – not good). Section your hair so that all of your hair is up except for the lower back section just like with the paddle brush method. Starting on a small section take your straightening iron from the top of your hair to the bottom not too slowly, but counting to about 8 seconds. You don’t want to have the iron over your hair for too long because it is still damaging.

If you need to take the iron over your hair again to really get it straight, do it, but for as few seconds as possible. Don’t hold your iron in one spot; always have it moving through your hair. Do this all around the lower section and then pull another section from the hair you pulled up. Repeat the same step starting from the top of the hair and ironing down. There is such a big difference even with just a few sections straightened, if you notice that.

Finishing your Straightened Look

Keep straightening sections as you move along only holding the iron for the 8 seconds to avoid severe damage. This is also time-consuming, but it looks drastically different which is fun just by itself.

Straightening Black Hair

Black hair is a bit different to try and straighten. A lot of black hair is coarser, dryer, and needs more moisture than a lot of hair types. Some women with black hair get chemical relaxers done on their hair which last a few months- but it is still damaging.

Hair Types to be Extra Cautious When Straightening On

There are also some women who attempt the straightener anyway, and that is a personal choice. Some women who do not have black hair also have similar hair that is coarse and dry and to make a long story short, It probably wouldn’t hurt to try using a straightener one time just to see if you like the look. But condition, condition, condition. The drier and coarse your hair is, the more it is going to damage your hair (especially if it is color treated or other wise already damaged). So be cautious and aware of that.

What is your hairs natural type? Do you straighten your hair or blow dry it to get it straighter?

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