2 Easy Ways To Make Boho Hippie Braided Styles

Whether your hair is shoulder length or longer you can do this multi-braided look. You need a couple if hair elastics and a few hair pins to secure your braids in place. Mini claw clips may also work, but the hair pins would work better.

Braiding 3 Sections for this Hippie Style

You Take about 3 different sections of your hair and braid them from the top of your head all the way down (there is a braid tutorial on how to do braids on Womenio). Once you get the braids done you secure them with an elastic. Then you willBoho Hairstyle take one braid and place it towards the back of your head about half way down your head and pin it in place. Continue with the other sections and pull them back, pinning them in the back of your head with hair pins. Make it so the braids are not snugly pinned, but just slightly loose.

Twist Braid

This style could also be done with twist braids still rocking the boho look. You would start the twist braids on either side of your head and continue them all the way down like you did with the regular braid. Secure the two braids with elastics and start your 3rd twist. Twist at about the middle of your hair (starting from the top) all the way down. There are two different looks you can get out of this.

  1. Secure the twist braids just after you are done with adding side pieces in. Then take the rest of the hair and criss-cross the sections. Take one section of the hair and pin it in the back of your hair with hair pins. Then take the other bit of hair and criss-cross it over the section of hair. With the middle section pin this section in place over the middle of the two criss-crossed sections.
  2. To do the second style you continue twist braiding all the way down to the end. You will do this with all 3 sections of hair. But you will have to pin them individually because the twists won’t be super secure. Then take one braid and place it in the back of your head and pin it in place. Continue taking the 2nd twist braid to the back of your head and hair pin it in place. Take the middle section and put it over the middle two sections pinning it in place.

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