4 Ways To Put The Romance Back In Your Marriage

You love your husband but maybe you feel like you are not connecting as much lately. You don’t have to leave things as they are. Do something about it.

romantic marriage

When work schedules conflict

Working full time pays the bills. But the schedule can really wreak havoc on your marriage, especially if you are working different hours. One is working while the other is off and vice-versa so you never see enough of each other. Surprise him and show up to take him out to lunch. Go to one of his favorite restaurants. Hold hands if that is something special to you both.

Think About Your Husbands Desires

What sort of things does your husband love? Do one of those things that you know he really enjoys. Go out of your way to do it the way he would enjoy it the most. Make his favorite meal and sit down together. Rent a movie that you know he would really enjoy you watching with him and watch it together. It is about thinking of things he appreciates.

Being Intimate

Intimacy is not the most important thing in a marriage. Feeling desired by your husband and the other way around is very important though. You need to respect one another’s boundaries as far as sex goes. Certain situations in life can change how a person feels about sex. So you both need to be responsive to each other about that. If intimacy is a huge concern and something you cannot compromise on, it may not be a bad idea to seek marriage counseling.

Little Things

To keep a spark in your marriage it is important to do little things for each other that show you care deeply about your husband. That means being quiet if you have to go into the bedroom and he is already asleep for the night. Using a flashlight to see what you are getting instead of turning on the light. Massaging his feet or him massaging yours when you have had a long day – or each others back.
Doing things that you know will make each other feel appreciated.

It is not all about candles and a romantic dinner. It goes way beyond that. It comes down to how well you know your spouse and doing what you know will show them you still heavily love and cherish them.

How to you show your spouse that you are still heavily attracted to him and still in love?

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