How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Example of perfectly applied false eyelashesFalse eyelashes are very popular to create a more dramatic look for your own lashes or simply to give you more of a lash line if you have not been blessed with much for lashes to begin with. Lashes come in such a variety of colors, thickness, length, and style. There is also glitter on some styles of the lashes.

You’ll have to decide how to get natural lashes if that is what you are after. Some lash kits come by themselves and some have eyelash adhesive (glue) included. You need both the glue and the lashes. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but playing around with different brands of lashes may show you what brand works best for you. Give yourself time to learn how to put them on. It is not always easy if it is your first time applying them.

Adjusting the Size of Fake Eyelashes

The fake eyelashes you get at the store – whether it’s a grocery store, drug store, or where ever you buy them – they can be too big for people’s eyes. So you need to hold the eyelashes in place just behind the lash line to get an idea of how they will fit you. If the eyelash looks like it is too big for your eye, you can trim it. Take some scissors and trim one piece of fake lash at a time. Then hold it up in the same place and see how it fits again. You don’t want to cut the lashes too short so it is better to cut a lash at a time. When it is to your liking, the sizing is good. They should only go as far as your natural lash line.

Applying the Adhesive/Eyelash Glue

There is possibly more than one way to get glue on to your fake lashes so they will stick to your eyes. One way is to put a line of the eyelash glue on the back of your hand. Lightly drizzle your fake eyelashes – the side that needs to stick to your eyes – into the glue. It might be helpful to use tweezers to dip or slide through the glue. Otherwise, can be hard to move them around.

Positioning the Fake Eyelashes

Gently pick your lashes up with the tweezers and place them on your eyelids and as close to your lash line as possible. Try to line them up right behind where your real lashes are so that everything looks natural, but better. Now press down the lashes with your tweezers when they are positioned on your eyes correctly. Once you have it, press for about 30 seconds with the tweezers. If you press with your finger tips when the glue is wet, it will stick.

Final Touches

If you want you can use an eyelash comb to help blend your lashes with the fake eyelashes. You can even put on black mascara if you want to, but it is not essential. Some of this will blend your real lashes with the fake lashes. You do want to make sure the glue is dry before applying mascara or an eyelash curler before doing anything more.
You’ll notice quite a difference when you look in the mirror after you have the fake eyelashes on all the way. They look incredible and make smaller eyes appear so much larger. They have a piece of magic to them.

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