5 Ways to Make Extra Money When Money is Tight

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That depends. What are you good at? What skills do you have? There is a site called Craigslist that is universal. It helps people all over the globe. There are a few sections under talent, writing, and other work. You can look over the ads under the city you live in to see if there are any ads that have something listed that you are good at.


By now darn near everyone knows about YouTube and the power of it. Not everyone has what it takes to make popular videos. But anyone can film a video of something that they are passionate about. That could be your kids, things about your daily life, funny things your animals do. A trick you are talented at. If you are good at baking or cooking – vegan or otherwise – film it. You never know. Make-up, hair and fashion are one of many huge things on YouTube. But you have to have your own style and voice or you’ll just blend in. Check the YouTube Partner Program rules here.

Local Fairs or Markets

Many countries and states have local markets, fairs and things where they live. If you are talented at making jewelry, selling a well-known makeup product, or creating something unique and cool from computer graphics or prints, maybe you can sell it. Don’t bank on it. Do not invest a bunch of money into the project right away since you don’t know what to expect.

Providing part-time daycare

Offering child care even part-time may vary as far as rules, regulations, laws and what not. But if you were able to take care of kids even part-time, not only would you help someone out with their daycare needs (if you are really good with kids), you would definitely earn money.

Web design

Are you really good with HTML (hyper text internet language)? There are lots of books on it that most people get too frustrated to really look at. But if you are one who picks up on this, people will pay you to design their website for them. You have to be good, reasonable, and when you are just starting out be willing to compromise. But you never know what you can accomplish with this.

These are just a few ways not just moms, and women can earn more money – but almost anyone to some extent. Not everyone can do all of these things. But YouTube videos, for instance anyone can do. Many people can advertise a service of some kind on Craigslist.
Be creative and honest about what you can do.

What have you done to earn extra money when finances are tight?

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