Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies

If you have been looking for a good movie to watch that combines romance and humor, you should check out some of the top 10 best romantic comedies released in the last decade. These movies will keep you on your feet, and they will give you the humor fix you have been looking for.

Top 10 Best Romantic Movies

He’s Just Not That Into You – Watch Online at Amazon

Hes just not that into you cover

This is a movie that guys and ladies alike who are tired of the games can relate to. The film starts as Gigi admits she has been told since the age of five that if guys act like jerks to a girl, it is an admission they like her. As the film goes on, there are several different couples involved where the guys are always playing numerous games, which make the different ladies feel like they have landed the man of their dreams. As it turns out, all of the women end up being majorly disappointed.

Legally Blonde – Watch Online at Amazon

Legally Blonde Movie

Elle Woods, who is played by Reese Whiterspoon, is dating the most attractive fraternity boy on campus. Once she discovers that he is attending law school and is seeing a new girl, she tries to get approved for the law school. She quickly finds that she does not meet the requirements to enter, so she is out of luck. This comedy will leave you laughing for hours to come, and you might relate to the fact of being “too blonde” for a guy.

13 Going on 30 – Watch Online at Amazon

13 going on 30 movie posterJenna Brink has a major crush on a boy named Matt. However, her 13th birthday party turns into a nightmare, and she plays a game making a wish that she was 30. The next day, she wakes up as a 30-year old woman, and she is a famous fashion designer. As a 30-year old, she meets the same Matt kid she had a crush on, and she quickly realizes that she did not have much interest in him. This is one movie all women who ever chased the “cutest” or “most popular” boy in school only to discover he looks like a loser later in life.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Watch Online at Amazon

Fan poster for the movie How to lose a guy in 10 days

This is one of the rare romantic comedies that guys might relate to better than girls. Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive with a major firm, and he is trying to sell advertising to a big company. He negotiates a deal that will allow him to make the sale if he can get a girl of the company’s choice to be his girlfriend in 10 days or less. However, he does not know that this same girl is writing an article about being able to lose a guy in 10 days. The end result is fairly easy to guess especially for guys who have been in this position.

The Wedding Planner – Watch Online at Amazon

Dvd cover of The wedding planner movie

Mary is a wedding planner, and she is very well known for her skills, and she keeps a very busy schedule. Later in the movie, she falls in love with a doctor, and her life becomes a little ironic as she can see herself planning her own wedding with him. The question to be seen is whether or not she will end up being the planner for him and his bride, or if she will be his bride and plan her own wedding.

The Holiday – Watch Online at Amazon

The holiday movie poster

Iris Simpkins who is a writer for a column in a London newspaper has a major crush on her fellow writer, Jasper Bloom. However, she later finds out that Jasper is getting engaged to another woman. As a result, she ends up meeting with a Hollywood producer via a house-swapping website, and they trade houses during the Christmas season. Iris ends up meeting up with the producer’s next door neighbor, and she gets set up with a film composer. The producer, Amanda Woods, ends up falling in love with Jasper’s brother. This film is packed with hilarious, but somewhat heartbreaking coincidences.

The Breakup – Watch Online at Amazon

The Breakup movie poster

Women who feel like their husband is always working instead of spending time with them will definitely relate to the breakup. Gary Grobowski partners in a tourism company with his two brothers, and they are always striving to build their business. Gary’s wife, Brooke, feels rather left out, and she gets tired of being alone. As a result, she decides to break up with him in hopes he will come back. This movie does a great job of illustrating how poor communication can rip even the strongest of relationships in half.

Along Came Polly – Watch Online at Amazon

Along Came Polly poster

Reuben, a guy, in this movie believes he has found the woman of his dreams, but he finds out that she has been cheating on him with a scuba instructor. Later, he meets up with a girl, Polly, who he went to school with and immediately feels a connection to her. The irony falls in the fact that he sells risk insurance for a career, and he has already lost one risk with his first girl cheating on him. Will Polly cheat on him, too? You will have to watch to find out.

Knocked Up – Watch Online at Amazon

Knocked up movie poster

Allison Scott, the main character, has just received a major promotion with E!, a major media outlet. That night, she goes out with her older sister, and Allison ends up meeting a pothead who is, ironically, named Ben Stone at the club. The couple ends up having a one-night stand, and eight-weeks later, Allison discovers she is pregnant. Will becoming a father cause Ben to lose his partying and weed smoking habits, or will he end up leaving Allison alone to care for their new child? This film will leave you on your toes at all times.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Watch Online at Amazon

Forgetting Sarah Marshall poster

Peter is a famous composer in this movie, and he is dumped by his television-star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall. The loss devastates him for a while until his friend convinces him to come to Hawaii. While in Hawaii with his friend, he ends up meeting a new girl, Rachel, a hotel clerk, who fall in love with each other. He also finds Sarah in the same Hawaiian city. Who will Peter end up dating?

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    Oh my gosh, I really love legally blonde. I have seen most of these, but legally blonde is by far my favorite. I’m going to have to watch all these again though ; )

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