The Top 10 Most Gorgeous Summer Lingerie Trends For 2015

It’s summer, ladies, and that means it’s time for some hot nights! You can heat them up in more way than one if you shop this year’s spring and summer lingerie collections and take advantage of the newest trends in undergarments. Just what’s in this year? We have scoured the web, checking out runway design, color studies, top-selling products, and more to bring you this list of 2015 summer lingerie trends. We’d like to introduce you to 10 of the top trends we saw. With each, we will showcase some of Amazon’s new fashion arrivals.

1. Cool colors

By “cool” colors, I mean colors that are literally cool-toned. You can view the Lenzing color trends here on Fashion Trendsetter. These are specifically the colors for women’s intimate apparel for spring and summer of 2015. You will notice a number of pastel tones across the top, some mid-tones, and then a few bolder colors. One thing that all of these colors have in common though is their cool undertones. Even the pink in the upper left corner is a cooler shade of pink. If you have a summer or winter skin tone, you are lucky, because this year you are going to find a lot of matches! If you have a spring or autumn complexion, try to pick the warmer colors here for the best results.

Here are some hot new products on that exhibit these color trends:

Eberjey Amaya Lace Bra:

And matching briefs:

Cosabella Women’s Celine Camisole:

Betsey Johnson Women’s Geo Lace Babydoll:

2. One cute little bow

Another trend we are seeing a lot of is one cute little bow off to the side on a pair of panties. This is an adorable look with a sense of playful innocence and fun. Here are a couple of examples on Amazon:

Only Hearts Women’s Whisper Sweet Nothing G-String:


As you can see, this g-string not only typifies the single bow trend, but also features one of those cool-tone colors which we talked about a moment before. So this is a wonderful example of two popular undergarment trends. Below you can see another example, this time in classic black. You can never go wrong with black—black is always in style. Here we have a pair of bikini panties instead of a g-string, with a larger bow. The effect is very different, but just as adorable:

Only Hearts Women’s Coucou Lola Side Tie Bikini Panties:

3. Comfy and casual

If you are looking for actual sleepwear, loose, casual nightshirts are quite popular right now. These are comfortable and perfect for those cooler nights when you want a little something more to wear to bed. At the same time, they still exude a playful sense of “come hither.” View an example below.

Wildfox Women’s Disco Star Summer Sleep Shirt:

4. Camisoles and chemises

Both chemises and camisoles are really in vogue this year. These comfortable undergarments are breathable and light and perfect for summer. Solid (not mesh or lace) camisoles can also work as outerwear sometimes. Here are some new chemises and camisoles which are now on sale on

Morgan Taylor Intimates Women’s Lingerie Black Lotus Chemise Large:

Eberjey Skye Cami Sky/Pink Sherbet:

If you aren’t clear on the difference (and a lot of people aren’t), a camisole is shorter than a chemise. The product above (a camisole) and the chemise below (a variation on it) illustrate the difference perfectly. As you can see, a chemise is more like a short nightgown. A camisole is more like a top.

Eberjey Skye Chemise Sky/Pink Sherbet:

5. Bodysuits

Bodysuits that are similar in shape to one-piece swimsuits, but of course they are not swimsuits at all. These are a very big trend right now. They often feature mesh designs, like the Calvin Klein product below. These suits are great for emphasizing curves and can look great on any body type.

Calvin Klein Women’s CK Black Primal Bodysuit:

6. Bandeau bras

Nothing is more of a pain than purchasing an amazing sleeveless dress only to get it and realize all of a sudden you don’t have any undergarments to wear with it. Bra straps showing is a definite “no,” because that would take all the class right out of the dress, but without a bra, you are going to ruin the whole ensemble. The solution? Bandeau bras! These are the idea solution for those hot summer sleeveless dresses! No bra straps showing, just the elegant curves of your bare shoulders and back. Usually these bras provide the best support for smaller cup sizes.

Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Padded Flirtie Bandeau:

7. Mesh and lace

Mesh and lace are both very popular this year, especially in black, and particularly on garments like bodysuits and camisoles that cover more of the body than a simple pair of panties and matching bra. Lace and mesh do a great job of highlighting your body’s contours and curves. They create a look which is at once delicate and smoking hot.

Only Hearts Women’s French Lace Longline Cami:

Angelina Stretchy Floral Lace Quarter Sleeve Top:

What is great about something like the top above is that you can wear it as lingerie (layering it on top of a bra and undies or just on its own), or you can wear it as outerwear over top of a tank top. Check out one more beautiful example below.

Torrid Plus Size Lace Chemise:

8. Balconnet bras

Balconnet bras are everywhere this year. This isn’t really a surprise, since balconnets are always popular. They provide ample lift, are great for any cup size, and they are often open across the top, which makes them perfect for wearing with a wide variety of clothes, including low-cut tops and dresses. Below you can view an example of a balconnet bra. This bra not only showcases the balconnet design, but also a bright, bold floral pattern which has been very popular on outerwear this year, especially dresses. It isn’t a surprise to find this pattern on undergarments as well!

Cleo Women’s Kira Underwired Print Balconnet Bra:


9. Triangular cups

This is another common bra design. It provides less lift than a balconnet bra, but sometimes you don’t want so much lift. Sometimes a balconnet is just too much with a certain top. Triangular cup bras are another big bra trend for summer of 2015, and may be just what you are looking for to go with your cute new outfit. Notice with the example below we are again seeing a black lace look as well.

Fleur du Mal Women’s Crochet Lace Triangle Bra:

10. Imaginative prints

Whimsical, imaginative prints are something else to be on the lookout for this summer, especially with brands like Fantasie. The example below also is refreshing in terms of colors. Notice how much warmer the tones are than most of the examples we have looked at. If you have a warmer skin tone, you could get away with wearing something like this which complements your skin better, but still features a hot summer trend.

Fantasie Eloise Short in Sorbet:

We hope that you enjoyed our selection of hot new Amazon lingerie products for spring and summer 2015! Cool colors, lace and mesh, chemises and camisoles, bodysuits, and more … there is so much to enjoy. So indulge yourself and heat things up in the bedroom!

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