Birth Control Methods and Common Misuses

Birth control is a big deal; it is not something you want to rely on the Internet for information about.

In case you would like to familiarize yourself with some of the birth control methods and their effectiveness before consulting a doctor (something you absolutely should do), here is a summary.

The following are the rates of failure, assuming perfect use, for the types of contraceptives listed:

Barrier methods: 1. Contraceptive sponge, 9% 2. Diaphragm, cervical cap, and cervical shield, 6-9% 3. Female condom, 5% 4. Male condom. 2%

Hormonal methods: 1. Combined pill (aka "the pill"), 0.3% 2. Progestin only pill (aka the "mini pill"), 0.3% 3. The patch, 0.3% 4. Shot or injection, 0.3% 5. Vaginal ring, 0.3%

The percentages listed represents the chance of failure, or in other words, the chances that you will get pregnant despite the use of birth control.

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