Does He Like Me? 8 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

If a guy likes you, he will almost always be obvious about it; whether or not he is smooth or awkward about it, he isn’t going to hide it, and it should be very easy to tell.

Still, sometimes we are unsure, and ask whether or not he likes us even when it is written all over him, and even though everyone else around us can tell easily.

Here are 8 clear signs he likes you...

1.) He’s always around

At work, or at school, or within your group of friends, he seems to constantly be around you.

2.) He acts like you

Sometimes friends who really like one another can pick up habits, mannerisms, and ways of laughing from one another.

3.) When a guy playfully hits or touches you

Women, of course, are guilty of this one too.

4.) Eye contact or body language:

If he is constantly trying to make eye contact with you, even when he is on the other side of the room, then something is probably up.