Top 16 Foods That Give You Energy

You may find yourself often burning out during the day, and resorting to coffee, tea, or an energy drink to get the extra energy boost you need to get things done.

But if caffeine seems to be getting you down as much as it is getting you up, you may want to consider food that can boost your energy levels – and without any resulting crash .

1. Blueberries, on top of being jam packed with antioxidants, are high in fiber – so your body needs to kick things up a notch to digest them.

2.) WHOLE GRAINS Carbs are your body’s main source of fuel

3. ALMONDS, CASHEWS, OR HAZELNUTS These nuts, on top of being high in protein, are all high in magnesium.

4.) Lean meats such as lean beef, lean pork, skinless chicken, and turkey, include something called tyrosine which boosts certain brain chemicals that make you feel more alert, as well as more focused.

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