How to Quit Smoking - Best Practices

Women might start smoking under stress or just for fun but when it starts having a negative impact on their health, they want to quit it but are unable to do so due to the addiction.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on how you can curb your smoking addiction and the craving for tobacco and nicotine.

Make a game plan

In case you have tried quitting smoking before, assess what went wrong and what you can do now so the plan works well for you.

Tell your friends and loved ones

This way not only they will provide support but also you will feel a pressure not to smoke in their presence, thus reducing your chances of smoking a cigarette.

Throw out all your cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters

Dispose off in an area where you know you won't be getting them back. This way your mind will be discouraged to never smoke again.

Wash your clothes

Wash all your coats and clothes with a fragrant detergent so the smell of smoke is washed off from the clothes.