How To Start A Conversation With Any Guy Without Failing Badly

It's not easy to start a conversation with a guy, especially if he's someone you like (your crush). 

You will most likely be too affected by your nerves which will mess with your ability to be logical.  Get over the nervousness and feel confident enough to approach him with this guide.

Ask For His Recommendation 

This is one of the go-to ways to get a man talking. Make sure you're asking him about something he knows a lot about.

Ask Him A Question 

If you see him at a random party, say hi and ask him why he's there. Make sure to keep it casual, though. You don't want to come off as too interested. 

Talk About Your Surroundings 

If you find yourself in a crowded bar with him, you can casually comment about how packed it is. 

Compliment Him 

As you know, guys don't get a lot of compliments. They're more used to giving compliments. This makes them receptive to anyone who praises them.

Ask Him For A Small Favor 

Ask him to tell you the time or to give you directions to where you want to go. This is one of the most casual ways to open a conversation.