Signs He Likes You  But Is Playing  It Cool 

Have you noticed how your crush sneaks glances at you every time he thinks you're not looking? How he acts differently when you are around? 

You don't know for sure if he likes you more than a friend but there's something going on with him that you want to  find out. 

Here are the signs he likes you but is hiding it:

He Never Talks About Other Women With You 

This means that he's trying to make you comfortable and secure about the fact that you're the only girl he's thinking about.

He Lets You Know That He's Single 

The reason behind this is that he wants you to believe that you're the only girl he's interested in without telling you explicitly.

He Wants To Get Closer To You 

He wants to get closer, physically and emotionally. This is because he thinks there's a big chance of something happening between you if you're almost always together.

He Shows Up For You 

He shows up whenever you need him to. He will also show up whenever you need a hug, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, etc.

He Wants To Impress You 

If he does or says things to make you look up to him, it's because he likes you secretly, and he wants you to be impressed with him. He probably sees you as girlfriend material.