Kettlebell Swings: The Best Workout To Burn Calories In A Short Period 

The fitness industry has seen a surge in the popularity of exercises that the media claim to be the next best thing, ideal for assisting trainers of all levels in getting in peak physical condition. 

While some of these claims and exercises are somewhat bold, one thing is for sure: they were on point when they stressed the effectiveness of kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings can be incredibly beneficial.  They improve your maximal and explosive strength, according to a study by, which is ideal for a carry-over effect to other exercises. 


Aside from deadlifts, there aren’t many exercises that offer equal satisfaction to kettlebell swings


Kettlebell swings hit the posterior chain - the muscles on the rear of the body - but more specifically, the glutes, the upper and lower back, and hamstrings.


A great benefit of kettlebell swings is that they carry over to lower-body compound movements such as the front squat, barbell row, and Romanian deadlift.

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