MIL Calls Mom’s Stepson’s Eyeshadow Ridiculous, But She Has The Perfect Response For Her

The story begins with the woman mentioning that the morning the incident happened, her husband had already gone off to work, and the younger boys were at the table with their grandmother, eating.

The OP was packing the boys’ lunches when her stepson came downstairs wearing an “oversized pink button down and flared jeans, and he had on some really pretty green eyeshadow”.

According to the post, the mother-in-law immediately took issue with the way he was dressed, telling him that he was dressed like a girl and that he needed to take the makeup off.  

The mother-in-law turned to OP and asked her, “aren’t you going to tell him he looks ridiculous?” 

However, what she did instead was look at her stepson and tell him that he looked cute but the “green eyeshadow didn’t match his outfit that well so next time he should try pink or neutrals”.