Pregnant Woman Refuses To Attend Sister's Child-Free Wedding, Asks Internet If She's In The Wrong

The OP (Original Poster) starts by explaining that her sister is getting married later this year and that the event is child-free. Since the OP will have given birth before the wedding...

 ...she asked her sister if her child could attend with her since she does not feel comfortable leaving her small child with a sitter, and most of her reliable family members will be at the wedding. 

Of course, her sister (who she calls “Lisa” for the sake of the story) said no, but the OP said she was fine with this, and she told her that she would not come.  

However, Lisa got extremely angry about this and told the OP to stop pretending to be “holier-than-thou” and to stop punishing her for having a child-free wedding. 

A decision her sister decided to make, not the OP, despite knowing she was pregnant.