Clear Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You 

These signs may not apply to all guys, but they should give you an idea if he is into you or not.


He Barely Makes Long Term Goals With You 

If you genuinely like him, you may want to develop  long-term plans with a guy. One perfect example is planning a trip together a few months in advance.

You Feel That There Is Quite Some Distance Between The Two Of You 

If you can barely get your man close to your life, then there are some questions about the his true intentions.

The Guy Only Meets You When It's Convenient For Him 

The meet-ups should be mutually convenient for the two with sacrifices made to see that the two of you are in the right direction.

He Drools Over Other Ladies And Entertains Them Far Too Much 

Some guys prefer to hang out with women more than men. You should be suspicious of your man's company and party friends who are female.

He Gives Tons Of Excuses For Not Being Exclusive With You 

Tons of excuses from the man means that he is not decided about having you as his one and only.