FBI Demands $300 Deduction From Food Truck Owner's Bill Due To A Long Line At Event 


He says that the FBI hired him and his food truck a couple of years ago to serve 200 people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in only 2 hours. 

“I roll up to this event, and all 200 of these FBI people roll up to my food truck. So obviously, there's going to be a large line,” Bautista explains.  

“The guy from the FBI that I had been organizing this with starts freaking out at me, he was like ‘oh my God this is such a huge line.’ I then had to explain to him how lines work.” 

“You want me to serve 200 people in an instant without a line?” Bautista asked. “I’m not crazy, you’re crazy!” the FBI organizer furiously responded. 

Bautista was polite and asked him what he could do to make him happy, only to get a big shock when he demanded to take $300 off the top of the bill.