Top 31 Will Smith Movies Ranked From Worst To Best 

In ranking Will Smith’s film performances from worst to first, Stacker compiled IMDb data on feature films starring Smith. 

They ranked these films according to their IMDb user rating, with ties broken by the number of votes. Let's start with the Top 31, After Earth  (2013)

#31. After Earth (2013) 

Smith called “After Earth” the most painful failure of his career and “excruciating” even more so because it involved his son.

#30. Wild Wild West (1999) 

This adaptation of a 1960s television series remains one of the most expensive flops of all time.

#29. Collateral Beauty (2016) 

Critics flayed this drama that personifies Love, Death, and Time, but audiences responded positively.

#28. Bright (2017) 

“Bright” was one of Netflix’s most expensive films, costing a reported $90 million, and starting the streaming service’s trend toward huge budget films starring major movie stars.

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