Relationship Tips: Wants and Needs to Build a Healthy Relationship 

A common mistake people make is confusing their wants with their needs. But they are not the same.

What Are  The Wants & Needs in A Relationship?

Making this judgment error might put unnecessary pressure and expectations on your partner and on yourself. It can even cause the relationship to fail. 

Difference Between Wants And Needs

Wants are not essential for the survival or success of the relationship. It is simply your desires manifesting and making themselves known to you.

While needs are essential to your or the relationship's survival and both you and your partner's physical, mental, and overall  well-being.

Why Do We Need To Know The Difference 

According to Dr. Russell Greiger, human beings have a tendency to want to transform our wants into needs in order to make them more urgent.

Some of the needs in a relationship: -certainty and comfort  -love and connection  -growth -understanding your     partner

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