What Does It Mean When A Man Calls You Beautiful 

There is a deeper meaning behind this "beautiful" compliment. We know that what a guy says and what he really means could differ quite a bit.

It can mean that he thinks you're a great catch, you have a great personality, or he sees you as "the one". Let's dive deeper into it.

What Does Beautiful Mean to a Guy

He Thinks You're A Great Catch 

He probably means that you're an all-around stand-up kind of girl.

He Means Your Personality 

When he calls you beautiful when you literally just finished volunteering at a shelter, and you're sure you look stressed, he probably means your personality.

He Refers To Your Creative Side 

If you are a unique soul bestowed with a gift for creating inspiring art, he's probably in awe of your beautiful gift.

He Sees You As "The One"

He probably sees you as his soulmate and his other half. He doesn't just see your individual attractions. Instead, he sees the whole, and that's why he's careful.