What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Crying 

Is dreaming about someone crying a bad omen? Crying is generally done out of sorrow, after all.  

In most cases, it isn’t necessarily bad if you had a dream about someone crying. In fact, it is considered to be good luck.   Here are ways you can interpret the meaning behind these dreams

Dreaming that you are crying and then shedding tears when you wake up 

Typically, this kind of dream is interpreted as an indication of relief from an unfortunate situation.

Dreaming about another person crying 

It means that your unfortunate situation will soon come to an end.

Seeing someone crying in your dream and comforting them 

This is an indicator that you may be the kind of person who is a great companion in general.

Dreaming about a crying man 

One of the meanings is your present troubles will get resolved through the help of a man.

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