‘You Stole From The Wrong One’: Woman Gets Revenge On Doordash Driver Who Allegedly Stole Her $129 Order 


Felicia, who goes by the handle @happilyhockensmith, shared her story on TikTok. In the video, the influencer warned, "Whoever you are, you stole from the wrong one."

Felicia continued by adding that it was not about the $129 worth of food but the principals. 

The beauty and lifestyle influencer shared that they were pleasant while she was on the phone with DoorDash. 

She warned the driver: “Yep, I'm going to the police department tomorrow. I'mma find out who you are I'mma make sure you don't steal from nobody else."

Felicia, who has nearly 19k followers on TikTok, got a fair amount of positive and negative comments, but many were proved wrong after she shared an update.