Man Tells Family Not To Treat His Fiance As A Personal ATM. Family Blames Him For Ruined Christmas

A man posted on the AITA (Am I The A**hole) subreddit to ask the internet whether he was in the wrong for canceling Christmas after his family made ridiculously expensive demands of his wealthy fiance.

The story starts off with the man explaining that he met his now fiance in early 2019 before the pandemic got really bad and travel restrictions were placed. 

The story continues with the OP revealing that his fiance proposed to him in July, so they decided to visit for Christmas since his fiance has never met his family in person yet.  

When he and his fiance were at his sister’s house for dinner, his family started making “not-so-subtle comments about all the nice things they wanted for Christmas.” 

He ended up yelling at his family, explaining to them that his fiance is not their own personal ATM and that it was rude to expect someone they just met to spend so much money on things they wanted.