3 Easy Styles to Get Your Bangs Out of the Way

1. A perfect way to get your bangs out of the way with Multiple Braided Looks

Side bangs are very popular and not just for teens. Women wear the look as well. Some women are trying to grow their bangs out and some just want a cute way to pull their bangs out of the way for the day. Since this is just bangs, it doesn’t really matter how long your overall hair is. You just need to have bangs that are long enough to be braided. You can also take these braided looks and make them into a braided headband look and it looks great.

The Basic Twist

Do a twist that is not a full wrap around twist. You can take this twist and extend into your overall hair, or twist down the sides of your hair. You’ll start at the top of your bangs. Take your fingers and twist your hair around. It’s kind of like Styles to adjust your bagstucking little pieces of your hair under but you are tucking a small section and guiding the section down your hair. When you get to the end you have could do a variation of looks.

1. Take hair pins and pin your twisted bangs in place and let the rest of your hair fall over it.
2. Take mini claw clips and clip it in place. Both the hair pins and claw clips will stay in place.
3. Add a couple more twists and either claw clip them at the end or hair pin them in place. As you can see while the twist is the same, you can make it look different just by the accessories and the way you pin it in place.

2. Side Lace Braid

Side lace braids are elegant and fun – looking, and relatively easy to do. Take 3 small sections of hair at the top of your bangs (where the center of your bangs part is) and take one section over the middle and then another over the other section. You won’t pick up a side section on the side with the rest of your hair. You’ll pick up the section where your bangs are. Continue twist braiding your bangs, only not picking up side section with your overall hair.

You’ll see a pattern forming down the side of your bangs. Then you can finish with a regular twist braid or stop and secure it with an elastic. This is another bangs style where you get to play with it a little. You can claw clip the style. You many want to secure it with a ponytail holder first to make sure the lace braid stays put. You could also use hair pins to keep it in place. If you want, you can make another lace braid behind the first one. This is mostly a style to keep bangs out of the way, but you can definitely add variety to it.

3. French Braided Bangs

There is a tutorial on French Braids, but you have to adjust it a bit to do it on bangs since you are working with a much smaller area; not to mention in a different angle. You’ll start with 3 sections and begin a regular braid picking up a strand as you braid. When you continue with the braid you’ll pick up a section on the other side. You’ll keep braiding and alternating the sections you pick up. When you get to the end, you can do a few different variations. Keep braiding a little more with a regular braid, or secure it with a claw clip. You could also do what was mentioned above and hair pin it so that the rest of your hair falls over it. Do another French braid above it or just leave the style with only your bangs braided.

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