Dip-Dye Hair Coloring Tutorial and Styles

Dip-dyed hair has grown to become a very popular trend. The ombre look has taken off and it is not just for the teen scene. Young adults and young people-at-heart have made this look their own. Some women get into a mood to try and achieve this look on their own or with the help of a friend. Others leave it up to the salon of their choice to make sure they know they won’t mess it up. It can be extremely damaging, so be cautious either way.

dip-dye haristyle example

A Rainbow of Colors

Dip-dyed hair or the ombre look is sort of like a touch of scene hair but with a more organized look to it. In this process you lay the hair you want to have colored down flat and use a hair color paint brush to coat the hair you want the color to be. You can have light pink to dark pink, or dark green blend to lighter green, which is part of why people enjoy it so much. They are not your typical colors; but something more bold made like a piece of artwork. You have a lot of control over where the color goes and where it doesn’t.

Personalizing the Ombre Dip-Dyed Look

The ombre look doesn’t typically cover the whole head. It is usually the last couple inches of hair whether it is the bangs or the ends of the hair. The dip-dyed portion is then wrapped in foil and left to set for a little while – the amount of time depends on what you are using to color it.

Ombre hair color does not tend to be permanent. It fades depending on how processed your hair was before you colored it, and what kind of hair color you use.

Once you have made this look your own, you’ll notice the different in how the herringbone braid looks when you have regular hair color combined with the color of hair you chose to color your ombre look with mixed together. The braid alone mixed with the ombre look is quite trendy. It has almost a tie-dye type of vibe to it.

Your Own Hair Becomes a Multicolored Headband

Any kind of braid you do is going to enhance the difference in color between your ombre – colored hair and your natural hair color. Try a braided head band with this look. Make two braids from the nape of your neck and pinning them laying somewhat overlapping each other on top of your head with hair pins. You’ll have a multicolored headband of your own hair.

Be Cautious if You Dip-Dye Your Hair at Home

Be forewarned about trying this look at home. It is pretty messy, and you can mess it up making your hair extremely damaged and it will look awful. That will cause you to go into a salon to have it fixed. Other wise just be very careful and try to have fun with your look.

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