8 Legit Tips on How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies Easily

Are you getting a severe headache because of fruit flies that just won’t go away? Are you sick and tired of having to fend off these annoying flies every single time? Do you want to have a peaceful moment with your family at the dining table once and for all?

Getting rid of fruit flies

If your answer to all those questions is a strong “YES”, then read along as we teach you how to get rid of fruit flies the easy way!

Faster than Wi-Fi

All of us ask the same question when we witness a cluster of pesky flies circulating around the basket of freshly bought bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi, watermelon, and any other fruit you have on the fruit bowl… Where do they come from and how in the world do they multiply within a matter of minutes? I would say that their communication network is faster than any renowned Wi-Fi of the world!

Defense is the Best Offense

Once a yellow-brown Drosophila melanogaster (or commonly known as a fruit fly) detects some fruits lying on the corner of your kitchen, you can expect a harsh attack from these flies onto your beloved fruits.

What happens when you see them hovering all over the kitchen like small airplanes? You open your drawers and cupboards to find a weapon for defense, but nothing is there!

They keep hovering over your fruits as you search for a solution. They enjoy sips of fresh fruit extracts as you try to fight them off. As time passes by, these fruit flies create more havoc towards your fruits! Don’t let them get the most out of your fruits and start finding a legitimate way to eliminate them once and for all.

There are few quick, useful, and environmentally friendly ways to stop unwanted, unwelcome, and unexpected invasions.

1.) Clean Your Fruits And Store Them Properly.

These fruit flies are surprisingly wise enough to smell the aroma of fresh or old vegetables; they are as smart as human beings when it comes to knowing the smells of pizza, cheeseburger, and chicken mushroom casserole. You simply cannot outsmart these fruit flies.

The only solution is when you shop for vegetables and fruits; make sure that you use a clean bag to store them. Take all the fruits out of the bags and wash them one by one, and then place them in new plastic bags once they are completely dry.

Washing down the fruits means removing all detectable resources from the surface of the food. If you don’t want to wash your fruits outside your home, you can store them in the refrigerator after cleaning in the sink.

2.) Cover Your Fruits.

Most fruits are sweet; some of the best attractants of the fruit flies are dates, mangoes, grapes, prunes, and pomegranates. They evoke a sweet and appetizing smell even though you have washed them properly before placing them in the refrigerator or elsewhere in the kitchen.

Simply washing the fruits won’t keep the fruit flies away. Instead, you should put your fruits in big bowls and cover them with lids. There shouldn’t be a single hole or space left uncovered – otherwise the flies will find a way to invade and attack. Use small fruit bowls if you don’t have big coverable fruit baskets to use.

3.) Discard Overripe Fruits ASAP!

You read that right! You should waste no time in discarding those overripe fruits. Do it ASAP!

Examine all the fruits that you have bought and discard the rotten fruits that contain stains IMMEDIATELY. They emit a strange type of scent in the air, and acts as an open invitation to the fruit flies, which circles in the air in almost all seasons. Don’t dispose off overripe fruits in your kitchen’s paper basket or elsewhere in your home; instead dump them in the dumpster outside your home.

4.) Put Vegetable Scraps Away.

Aside from fruits, these annoying flies also have their eyes set on vegetable scraps. The reason why these fruit flies may be hovering around your kitchen is because of vegetable scraps in your trash bin.
It is best to immediately get rid of the vegetable scraps in your trash bins before things get out of hand. The longer the trash is in your house, the more chances you are giving these fruit flies to feast on your food.

5.) Take Out All The Trash!

Get rid of all the trash in your house for a smoother and fruit fly-less dining experience. These pests love the smell of old garbage – get rid of what they love and they will surely get out of your beloved home.

6.) Keep the Sauces Out of Reach.

Who said that fruit flies were only loved fruits? These annoying pests are attracted by various scents, and sauces are among them. They love to taste luscious sausages, vinegars, and beverages. They believe in holding a wine party every other day if you allow them to do so. I am not sure if they feel romantic after gulping up a few drops of sweet red wine; this may have a contribution in a fast breeding, maybe.

We all keep ketchup, soy sauce, red chili sauce, vinegars, and other products of same kind in the open air so that we can use them easily during the cooking process. Kitchen cabinets are considered as an ideal place to store such items – but in reality, they just invite the flies over.

Flies love tasting good and quality products; their stay could become longer than usual if your counter is overcrowded with a mixture of sweet and sour products. Keep all sauces stored in the refrigerator, even if you use them in daily cooking procedures.

7.) Wash the Dishes, Sweep the Floor, Clean Everything!

Another good way to get rid of fruit flies is to properly clean your home, kitchen accessories, utensils, dishes, and fruit containers, including vegetable baskets and dishrags. Yes; it is a bit hectic to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen daily after getting back from work. But in order to get rid of fruit flies, you must be very particular with the cleanliness and orderliness of your home.

Avoid leaving unwashed dishes in the sink and keep it drained all the time. Wash your dishes every night before going to. You can also do weekly “spray sessions” to kill any fruit flies or other pest insects that may be breeding in your home.

Have your kitchen’s sink cleaned and unclogged every week as the accumulated food particles in the pipes could become a breeding ground for many types of disgusting flies.

8.) Cheap Alternatives For Eliminating of Fruit Flies.

If you don’t want to spend money on cleaning every week, you can use the hot water technique to cleanse the pipes of the sink. This way, your sink will always be free from any unnecessary food particles that flies love to feast on.

Last but not the least, in order to keep the flies away from the kitchen you can use peppermint extract. Buy fresh peppermint leaves and keep them in the kitchen until they wither.

And now, you are…

Ready For War!

Now that you know the best tips on how to get rid of fruit flies, you will never have to worry about getting infested by these annoying insects. Just make sure that you apply these methods and you will definitely live a happy and fruit fly-free life.

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    Thank you for sharing these useful information on >how to get rid of fruit flies. I guess nobody wants a house that is full of fruit flies especially at the dining table. Your tips are highly appreciated and I will follow it to get rid of fruit flies.

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