Turn Your Braids into a Beautiful Renaissance Look

Put a little bit of a Renaissance look into your braids – also known as Boho or Medieval. Whichever name you call these braids, they have such a unique look to them and they’re so feminine. These styles are perfect for everyday use, and can easily go to the office. One or two of them could even the best choice to be dressed up for a night out or other special event. At least one of these could be dressed up for a wedding, or church. Accessories make the difference.

1. Crown Braid

example crown and halo braids for the tutorial

Photo source bridalmusings.com

The first look is a crown braid and it looks like the model started her hair with either a low French braid or a regular braid. Your hair needs needs to be a little past the shoulders to work since the braid is supposed to fit all the way around your head. If your hair is a little too short for this, you may be able to get away with a braided hair piece and fit it in with the style.

For those whose hair is long enough, you braid all the way to the end and secure it with an elastic. Once you secure it, you turn it to up towards the side of your head and start wrapping around the top of your head and to the other side. It should wrap all the way around to the start of your braid.

Then you use a couple of hair pins and secure it in place tucking the end pieces under the braid. Totally gorgeous.

2. Criss-Cross Braids into Bun

cross braid around bun

Photo source tumblr

This braided style is cool the way it takes an ordinary bun and adds a touch of a Boho/Medieval look to it with the braids around it.The bun portion of this is actually referred to as a “sock” bun, but you don’t have to use a sock to style it. The sock is just a helpful way to do it. You get an old sock and cut off the end of it. You roll it and it give your hair something to roll around for the style. This hair style works the best on shoulder length hair or longer. You can cheat with slightly shorter hair if you use faux braid pieces.

Comb out a separate section of hair, on the side of your hair near your ear. This section will make the braid wrap for your hair later. Take the rest of your hair and put it up into a semi-high bun. Secure it with an elastic. Put your sock piece over the elastic. The sock you use can’t be too loose since the idea behind using it is to gather all of the hair and tuck it around the sock. It should literally look like the shape of a doughnut when you do it right. Then pin the rest of the edges in place to make them more secure.

Take the section of hair you left out and braid it. Do a regular 3-strand braid or a fishtail braid. Once you braid to the end, secure with an elastic. Now take the braid and wrap it around the opposite side of your sock bun and to the other side of your head. It should end at the same level as it started on the other side. Pin it in place and tuck the ends under hair to conceal the elastic and ends. This is so elegant and simple to do once you figure it out.

3. Triple-Braided Half Up

Triple braided half up hairstyle

Photo source pinterest.com

Talk about simple. This has a very Renaissance look to it, just like the other two styles. Yet, it’s very, very easy to do. In fact it’s easier than the other two if you already know how to braid.

You’re going to take two sections towards the top sides of your hair, past where your bangs are. Braid both sections and secure them with an elastic. Take another two sections of hair the same size, but go a little lower than the first two sections. Braid both about half way down and secure with an elastic again. And again, take two sections below the first two sections and do the same step. Secure the second to last one with an elastic.

Make sure one set of secured braids lay kind of overlapping the first set. When you’re done with the last braid, secure with an elastic making sure they overlap the first two sets of braids. Take the last two braids and overlap them over the first two sets of braids, securing them with an elastic. You’ll take out the individual elastics as you secure them together.

And you can use clear elastics or brown ones so they blend into your hair. This is personal preference. And that is it. Put a little hair spray in to set it and you’re ready. Put an elegant barrette of your taste at the end or tie a ribbon around it if you want. Beautiful and simple

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