12 Funny Gifs of The Biggest Animal Jerks

Enjoy the finest compilation of the funniest bastards from animal world. I think cats are the most popular pranksters, but you’ll see many other animals expressing their dark side. Enjoy and share it with your friends if you found them funny.

Hey Dog, I’m gonna boop your nose!

Boop your nose

 “I believe you can fly” by Parrot

Fly turtle

Monkey Trolling Dog

Monkey vs Dog

Ninja Crow

Hey hand that over

Crow Scaring Chihuahua


Baby Goat Being a Jerk


Ninja Kitten Doesn’t Like Being Filmed

Hey stop filming

Oh You Have Work to Do

Typing kitten

Invisible Kitten Stealing Food

Kitten stealing food

Pushy Chimp

Hey buddy go have a bath

Gorilla Pranking Zoo Workers


 Cat Fails to Scare Dog

cat prank goes wrong

12 Funny Gifs of The Biggest Animal Jerks
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Gif sources 4GIFS and we compiled the rest.

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