How to do Perfect Rag Curls

For those who want curls without the damage look at trying rag curls. They take longer but it’s worth it for the gorgeous curls you get.

Rag Curls Hairstyle

You’ll need strips of fabric in about 6 inch strips that are 3 inches wide. You need enough room to wrap your hair, roll it up and tie it. Do it on dry hair. Just cut up an old towel or shirt you don’t care about. The strips of fabric don’t have to be anything fancy.

Starting the curls

Your hair needs to be clean and combed or brushed out. Putting curls in would be a nightmare on dirty or tangled hair. Start on one side of your face closest to the top of your face. You’ll want to do about 8-10 sections with rag curls.

Take the first section at the end of your hair. Wrap your hair around the piece of rag fabric a few times (not too tightly) and keep wrapping all the way up until you get to your scalp. Try to keep the angle you have it tied up at in the same angle you want your curl to lay. Then you tie it. You may have to adjust a bit so it is comfortable.

Take the section next to it and start the same process. Start the rolling at the ends and roll all the way up until you get to the top of your scalp – tie the ends again just like you did with the first one.

Continue taking sections, wrapping them all the way up and then tying them. As you get to the sixth, seventh and eight rag curl, you should be starting the last sections of curls below the first two.

Setting the curl

You will have to leave the rag curls in over night. They need the eight or so hours to set in your hair. This is definitely a style you have to start at night.

Once morning rolls around gently start to take out the first rag curl. Very gently pull the pieces of your hair off of the rag material. Continue doing this to all of the curls.

When you get all of the rag curls out, again, gently fluff the curls a little. You don’t want to comb or brush the curls – that will mess up the curl pattern. But you can fluff and finger them a little to get more of the look you want.

You can either leave your hair as-is with the curls or add a front side braid in your bangs to add to the style, or a braided head band. There are tutorials for these looks if you’d like to try the look.

How do you plan to wear your rag curls?

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  • JR says:

    This is the only way my hair will hold curl. If I need curls for an evening event, I have to start in the morning and go around all day looking like a house that’s been toilet papered.

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