5 Updated Braid Styles for a More Unique Look in 2013

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Kick Your Basic Braids Up a Step for Some Cool New Braided Looks in 2013

Braids and Fishtails are beautiful just as they are, but sometimes you want to add a little something else to your braid to spice it up. Braids have the ability to easily go into buns, side-dos, and many other styles. This is just a touch of what braids convert into. These are ordinary braids and one with a medieval touch. While these work for everyday, you can wear many of them to the office or what ever your daily life calls for. Some of them just need nice hair accessories to dress them up for a birthday dinner. You won’t get bored with these 5 styles.

1. How to Kick Your Fishtail Braid Up a Notch

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Herringbone braids, or fishtail braids as they’re also referred to as look great by themselves. But this time you get to add a bit of spice to it. You do the regular fishtail braid and then turn it into a messy/care-free styled bun which is really fun.

How to Do the Messy Fishtail Braid

You need to have your hair parted down the middle. The part doesn’t have to be perfect since this is meant to have a messy look. Instead of doing a typical 3-strand braid, you do a herringbone braid. There is a tutorial for that. A summary of a fishtail braid is having 3-sections. One strand is braided over the middle section and stays put. Then hair is taken from the opposite side and braided over the newly opposite side. You are working with what started as 3-strands and becomes 2-joined sections of hair.

Making the Fishtail Braids Become a Unique Messy Bun

When you get to the bottom of your fishtail braid, secure it with an elastic. Do the same for the other side. The next step is what takes this style into a messy bun. You’ll pick up the herringbone braids and start wrapping them around each other. Start with one and wrap it around itself in a bun, secure it with hair pins. Take the other herringbone braid and wrap it around the bun you just made and then secure it with hair pins. Spritz with a little hair spray to tame any fly-aways and there you go.
Lovely pictures via Join The Mood. Check out her blog for more awesome pictures!

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