5 Updated Braid Styles for a More Unique Look in 2013

3. Taking Your Inverted Braid to the Side

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How about instead of doing a typical braid the goes straight down your head, you braid it down the side of your head? Sound complicated? Nah. But it does give the inverted braid a fun edge. Plus, doing an inverted braid looks a lot different in general than a regular French braid, although both look great.

Starting the Inverted Braid

Separate a section off to the side of your head, keep your bangs out of the way. Get your 3-strands of hair. Instead of braiding hair over, you’re going to braid under. As you braid under you pick up side sections along the way. So instead of having the braid lay flat, it will lay up creating a cool braided design on your head. This inverted braid style stops at the neck instead of continuing all the way down. You secure it with an elastic. And then if you want to add a special touch like the model did to her hair, take a pretty ribbon and tie it around the elastic. She has her ribbon tied in a basic bow. See, pretty simple and very elegant.


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