Get Lauren’s Braided Ponytail from Make It Or Break It

There may be lots of drama on the hit television show Make It Or Break It, but there is some great hair too. Like Lauren’s gorgeous double French braided ponytail. See how you can style your hair the same way.

Your hair needs to be at least chin length or longer all around. Even at chin length your hair will have shorter pieces falling out in back. Shoulder length is perfect for getting the look just like Lauren’s.

Make sure your hair is all combed or brushed out – no tangles. With a rat tail comb, a regular comb, or even your fingers, section your hair down the middle. Clip off the one section so that you can start braiding the other section.

braided ponytail

At the very top of your hair where your bangs are, take three sections of hair and hold them in three sections between your fingers. Take one section and bring it over the middle section and then take the opposite section over the now middle section. The next time you take a section over the middle you will grab a side piece. Continue to go over the middle piece and under the side piece.

Then grab the opposite side piece. The thinner the pieces you grab, the more dramatic and defined the French braid will be. But a thicker braid is okay. As you continue braiding over the middle, and under the opposite side and then stop adding side pieces. Finish with a little bit of braiding and secure it with an elastic.

Repeat the same steps on the other side. Start the braid at the very top again where your bangs are and have three sections of hair in your fingers. Try to make sure you start your second braid in the same spot on this side of your hair as the other side of your hair so that your braids come out evenly. Lauren’s braids go evenly down the top of her hair.

Take one section over the middle section. Bring the opposite section over the now middle section. And on to the next opposite side where you are going to grab a side piece and braid it over the middle section again. Continue braid over the middle under the opposite side and then grabbing a side piece to add to the next row of braiding. Once you get to the end braid a little more minus the side pieces and secure with the elastic.

Pull your remaining hair all the way up into a ponytail and hold it in your hand. Add the ends of the French braids into the ponytail. Once you have the ponytail positioned where you want it to sit, take another elastic and secure it over the whole ponytail. At this point you can take out the elastics from your French braids if you want to since you don’t need them anymore.

Gently tighten your ponytail just the way you want it. Brush your ponytail just a bit to add the hair in that was secured in the elastic. Finish with a little hair spray if you want to. To make your French braided ponytail even more like Lauren’s from Make It or Break It, tie a ribbon around your ponytail. Sometimes she has that and sometimes she doesn’t.

What is your favorite hairstyle from Make It or Break It?

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