Top 15 Aromatherapy Oils and Their Therapeutic Benefits

Aromatherapy is a popular therapy that is great for curing many issues. Studies have shown that certain smells are associated with certain reactions so if you have lavender oils around you for instance, they can help you to relax just by smelling them. What many people do not know is that there are many essential oils and each one offers different benefits. Here is our collection of the top 15 oils and the benefits that each offers.

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1. Natural Healing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Natural benefits of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil when used alone can be very effective in helping to boost your immune system.

  • Because its strong scent, Tea Tree Oil treats many sinus issues
  • It can be very effective in calming the nerves and helping you to feel less anxious
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  • Lex says:

    Where’s the article? That’s all you have to say about tea tree?

    • Cynthia Wilson says:

      Well if you check the title there are 15 Oils and the article is not dedicated only to Tea tree oil.

  • Lex says:

    Yes, and each page has only a two-liner type soundbite. This is a discredit to the people who write solid pages about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and you don’t deserve the traffic.

    • Cynthia Wilson says:

      We constantly update the site, if you wish to apply or contribute feel free to contact me via contact form.

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