Slight Poof With Side Ponytail

poof side ponytailA hot style for this summer (and seems to have been popular all throughout winter as well) is pulling your bangs back and then pull the overall part of your hair to the side and securing it. Make sure your hair is all the way combed or brushed out. This style works the best on shoulder length and longer. Shorter lengths can do this but it will not look quite the same.

Achieving Height for the Bangs/Poof

To get the look you need a rat tail comb. You can use a regular comb, but you’ll have to play around with the ratting. To do the ratting, back comb the roots of your bangs slowly working your way up while you continue back combing. You don’t want to go too big, but the idea is to get some height in your bangs. Once you get the height you are after, spray a little hair spray in your bangs to hold it in place.

Take the rest of your bangs and gently put them back with a little metal barrette. You have the height, now you want them clipped back for this style.

Finishing the Look

Pull the rest of your hair to your preferred side, and secure your hair with a ponytail holder. There are variations of this hair style. You can style a braid in the ponytail part, or a fishtail braid. You can also part your hair down the middle once you get past the part where you put a poof and a barrette in. Then secure each of your pony or pigtails with an elastic, just don’t secure your ponytails snugly – that won’t look as cute. Spray with a little hair spray to hold loose hairs in place if you want to.

What do you think of the poof style?

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